The Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals signs off on a strategic partnership with a Lebanese leading armoring company.

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals- State Company for Automotive Industry (S.C.A.I) takes a step in the development of the automotive industry in Iraq, with a sharp look into the future to guarantee people’s valuables and assets, SCAI partners with Octagon Invest-Armored Vehicle Division.

The Lebanese company Octagon Invest-Armored Vehicle Division- is a premier vehicle armoring company that secures all makes and models of automotive rides while maintaining its original aesthetics, appearance and performance. Octagon Invest prides itself for being the most superior armoring company in the region. With a primary objective to offering its clients first-class products with superb craftsmanship, at a very competitive price, Octagon Invest imports its supplies from well known, worldwide manufacturers thus assuring its clients that only the highest standards of materials are used in the production processes.

This Partnership states a strategic move as S.C.A.I recognizes the importance of providing exceptional products and services, procuring high security and personal safety.

Its aim is to offer the provision of security and prosperity to families, corporate executives, government officials, diplomatic figures in various ministries, oil and gas sector, banks and other complementary services to implement that goal and to hold the partnership with the Lebanese company Octagon Invest – Armored Vehicle Division.

By associating its armored automotive industrial growth with Octagon Invest, SCAI is proud to create new job opportunities to Iraqi people.

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